Brightest blue and most stylish LED dog collars of 2023

Brilliant Blue

Easily catch the attention of all passerby's with this astounding blue that is brilliantly bright; built for the best and by the best.

k9ightlights Brightest purple and most stylish LED dog collars of 2023

Perfect Purple

Known as the most royal of all colors, this purple is for the kings and queens out there. The illuminescence of this bright purple will surely grab attention to all those around.

K9ightLights LLC Brightest and most stylish pink dog collars of 2023 that light up and keep your pet safe.

Prissy Pink

Walk without worry with this pawesomely amazing pink. The intensity from this prestine pink is so immaculate that it could only be made for a beauty.

k9ightlights Brightest and most stylish green light up LED dog collars of 2023 for pet safety.

Groovy Green

Looking to get in the groove with the newest and most innovative collars and leashes on the market? You can't go wrong with groovy green. You'll be sure to have more confidence on night walks with the intense illumination that comes from this glamorous green glow.

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