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Best LED Dog Leashes

       Our distinctively bright leashes and collars are both durable and fun!  These #1 top rated dog collars and leashes provide dazzling neon lighting in unique colors, allowing you and others to see your pet in the dark.  Each rechargeable collar and leash are expertly made with the finest nylon materials.  These incredible, lightweight, vibrant LED dog collars and leashes easily outperform any collar or light up attachment you can find anywhere!

Sizing Chart:

       Collars are adjustable, however, please read the k9ightlights sizing chart before purchasing to determine the correct size for your canine.  We have multiple sizes and several color options to select from. 


Instruction Manual:

       Please refer to the instructions guide located within the User Manual link on our main webpage labeled User Manual/Instruction Manual for the safety instructions and other pertinent information regarding our products.


Every Product We Sell Includes:

  • Safety for you and your pets protected by k9ightlights
  • A mini usb charging connector cable
  • Slow flashing Mode
  • Fast flashing Mode
  • Steady on/off mode
  • Style and a smile 😊

       Please note, our products are weatherproof, but are not to be submerged in water. 



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       Keep em' charged, keep em' bright, and own the coolest furry friend on the block with your k9ightlight.

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