About Us

       We started K-9ightLights L.L.C. with the hopes of helping millions of pet owners by providing the greatest LED Dog Collars and LED Dog Leashes on the market!  We strive to give our customers the best experience in the pet store industry with our innovative design.  


       We are here to bring excitement and joy to pet owners everywhere, all while keeping your precious animals safe with the use of our products.  There are many instances where people and their dogs almost get hit at night from traffic by not being clearly seen.  We aim to solve that problem, in style, with our LED Dog Collars and Leashes!


       We love to help people in any way that we can, and hope to spread a little more happiness and light into this world.  Try our products for yourself.  We would appreciate it if you left a review on our website or any of our social media platforms.  Our top quality light up pet products will leave you with an experience is nothing short of fantastic!